Never let others treat you the way they do, next time, smack on the face.

My name is Monica but Momo is fine *Lol I got the nickname before I knew Arashi*
I absolutely LOVE Arashi!!
Sho Sakurai<3 IS my bias
God I love everything about Sho!! He is so cute and such a failboat!! It makes him even that much cuter. Lol I just totally love him..
Anyways My Niban is MatsuMoto Jun <3 He was the first arashi member I got to see and he is soooo Domyouji... He made me cry with Smile and NatsuNiji Though -.-
NinoMiya is my 3rd choise.. He is such a good song writter and He is so cute and all he is soo awesome.
Aiba and Ohno are about in the same place because I don't see them much.. I mean I see them but I don't pay attention^? Lol I should probably pay attention :)

Anyways my second favorite Johnnys band that I didn't like until recently is Kis-My-Ft2.
From this band I only really know three of them so my order would be..
Tamamori.. He is to damn cute
Fujigaya.. He is also the kind of person I love apart his cuteness
Kitayama.. even though he is the oldest I do love the way he sings and he admires Sho-Kun <3

That is me and my fangirling

Lol but there is much more to me then that. I am Monica. Myself, I love art, music, dancing, singing, school, and math. I am learning french and japanese and I plan to go to college and become and English teacher or maybe a math teacher.. I don't really know what I will be yet because I am 16 and still can't get myself out of High school -.- I still got like 2 years to go -.- and its not even my fault -.-

Anyways I usually talk alot and can be quite annoying at times.. I am very LOUD when i don't have to be and I usually like to get along with my teachers. I would love to have TONS of friends but currently have a language barrier -.- Lol anyways Feel free to add me as a friend as I would also like to be your friend :). Sorry for the lack of personal post -.-

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